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Steve Kaufmans Soaring Strings Workshop here at Eagle Music

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A brilliant chance to meet and learn from the USAs #1 Flatpicking Guitarist and ace Mandolin Picker in an afternoon of workshops. We are delighted to announce that the 2011 event will take place here at Eagle Music, on Sunday September 25th 2011 commencing at 11.30am.

Steve Kaufman is the worlds only Three Times Winner of the Winfield USA National Flatpicking  Championships!!! Since 1990 Steve has gained the reputation of being the ‘Worlds Guitar Instructor’ Also an awesome mandolin picker, Steve has written numerous instruction books, recorded many DVDs and CDs as well as owning and operating The Palace Theatre in downtown Maryville, USA, The area’s premier acoustic venue.

Steve Kaufman Guitar Steve Kaufman Mandolin

Limited places …Please telephone 01484 661460 to purchase tickets for the workshop or
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Please click on this link to visit the Steve Kaufman website

Steve Kaufman biography…

Steve Kaufman was born into a musical family in 1957. His father was a jazz piano player and his mother was a classically trained pianist. Music was always around. At four Steve started plinking at the piano and did so for several years. He then moved on to the electric guitar at 10 for a few years and put it away.

Next came the cello in 5th grade for a few years. After this Steve picked up the acoustic guitar again and blazed right through a “Folk Guitar” method book. When finished he thought if this is as hard as it gets it’s not for him. Then his younger brother, Will, started playing the banjo and his instructor told him he needed a rhythm guitar player to help with his timing. So Steve then picked up his guitar again and got into the bluegrass rhythm. One day Will brought home a Flatt and Scruggs LP, which featured Doc Watson on guitar, and Steve was hooked on flatpicking.

Steve practiced hard with his newfound love of music, sometimes up to 8 hours a day. At age 18 he entered the National Flatpicking Championships in Winfield, KS and made the top 10. The following year was a wash. In 1977, Steve took 2nd place to Mark O’Connor and in 1978, at 21 years old, he returned to win the championship. Then after being barred for 5 years he returned on the 6th year to win the 1984 championships again. Winfield bars the winner for 5 years and they can come back on the 6th year but in 1986 they decided to open up the contest to everyone and not bar the past years champs. Steve returned to win his goal. He became the winner and the first and, at this writing, the only Three Time Winner of the National Flatpicking Championships. He is also noted to have 3 consecutive wins in the Nationals because he was barred all the years he did not enter.

Steve continues to work hard in the world of music. He began producing books and videos in 1989 after teaching private lessons for close to 20 years. His catalog of instructional materials is close to 82 items. His listening CDs and Videos number over 18. Steve began touring the world conducting seminars, workshops, clinics and concerts in 1990 and after 5 years he and his wife, Donna, began “Steve Kaufman’s Flatpicking Camp.” Every other year they have added more camps into their agenda and now under the title “Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamps” they host a two Flatpicking Kamps, Fingerpicking Kamp, Old Time Banjo, Bluegrass Banjo, Old Time Fiddle, Bluegrass Fiddle, two Bass Kamps,  Songwriting Kamp, Vocals Kamp, Mountain Dulcimer Kamp, Celtic Harp, Resophinic Guitar and Mandolin Kamp as well.

They have grown into the largest Kamps of their kind in the world with students traveling from around the world to Maryville, Tennessee. Steve and Donna have received the Gold Award from a reader’s poll in Acoustic Guitar Magazine for running the “Best Workshops, Seminars and Camps” every year since 2002.

Since 1990 Steve has developed the reputation of being the “World’s Guitar Instructor.”

Steve stays busy being a husband and father, running his Kamps, tour schedule, writing books and recording videos and CDs as well as owning and operating The Palace Theater in downtown Maryville – the area’s premier acoustic venue as well as an espresso bar.

Banjo, uke, mandolin, guitar etc. Eagle Music tuition classes update

Banjo Classes Update: The next Six Week ‘Absolute Beginners’ Banjo lessons course will commence at 5.15pm on Tuesday evening, 23rd August 2011 at Eagle Music Shop.

Please call 01484 661460 for details and to book on this course. Maximum of eight students per course.

As part of our complete service here at Eagle Music Shop, please check out our in-house absolute beginners and intermediate group lessons for Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar etc. We can also arrange one-to-one intermediate to advanced lessons for most of the instruments that we retail. Our dedicated EMS teaching staff have many years of experience teaching, playing music, and performing live on stage. We have four experienced musical instrument teachers within our resident staff. We can also put you in touch with a number of excellent musical instrument teachers that are not part of our Eagle Music staff, but work in close harmony with Eagle Music.

The benefits to EMS students are as follows:

  • A fast track to getting you on the correct route to playing your chosen instrument
  • Specialist advise on instrument care, maintenance and general instrument set-up
  • Specialist advise on the choice of instruments and advanced tuition material
  • Specialist advise on musical styles
  • Special discounts on musical instruments and spares purchased from Eagle Music Shop

Please telephone 01484 661460 or email info@eaglemusicshop.com for more information about Eagle Music lessons and teachers.

Happy Pickin,
Steve Noon
January 2011

Eagle Music School is registered and in association with Music Teachers UK

‘It’s Never Too Late To Learn’

The next Six Week Banjo lessons course will commence at 5.15pm on Tuesday evening, May 3rd at Eagle Music Shop. Please call 01484 661460 for details and to book on this course. Maximum of eight students per course.




Fees: £10.00 per hour, with special discounts to students on musical products and tuition material.

If you want to learn to play 5-string Banjo …we can’t guarantee that you will ever be able to play as great as Jens Kruger! But what we can guarantee is that you will be set out on the correct route to playing 5-string banjo and enjoying your music. With specialist help from our teachers, dedication and practice, every student will rise to his or her own level of musical ability and competence.


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